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“I’ve learned new perspectives from the teachings & gotten a deeper understanding & application to my walk.”

" This series has REALY helped me to grow and cultivate deeper understanding of the Word"

"I LOVE the Crazy community because Danielle leads in such a real down to earth way. It always speaks to my life!"

We Make Consistency Easy!

With a degree is Psychology/Christian Counseling, I'm using my unique insights from over 16 years of ministry in 20 different countries around the world and 150 media markets to share with you the secrets to living life at full BLOSSOM- walking in effective and fruitful purpose!

This online devotional series is ABSOLUTELY POWER PACKED with weekly CRAZY GOOD content designed to help you embody the same CRAZY CHRISTLIKE character that radically changed the world. Get ready for weekly videos, study kits, community, giveaways and so much MORE. Each episode has been formatted into bitesized segments that fit into ANY schedule that resonate with you all day. Seriously, EVERYTHING you need to kickstart your new life is waiting... you just have to be CRAZY enough to dive in!

Let us help you stay spiritually connected, by making consistency easy!

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